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Worship: Table of Contents

January 24, 2012

Teeth in my hands by Victor David Sandiego

Ghost Money by Jenni B. Baker

Remedies For A Long Winter by Laura E. Davis

A Morning of Orange Hands by Lawrence Wray

Hamburger Jesus by John Sherman Lathram III

Praise by Sheila Black

Beatitude by Sheila Squillante

About the Laying-On of Bricks Not Hands by Nancy Flynn

While Sitting in Church by James Brush

Doxology by Sherry Chandler

Fresh Start by Erik Svehaug

silence by Paul Bilger

Driving to Juniata by Katherine E. Young

winter escapes by Daniela Elza

Love Rondeau by Mary Peterson Johnson

Q’ran study by Michaela A. Gabriel

A Red Sky by Rosemary Starace

On a Thursday, Like Any Other Day, I Try to Take Good Care of Things by Penelope Scambly Schott

Odds and Ends by Joseph Harker

behold the minotaur by Theresa Williams

In praise of zero by Joe Hyam

The Open Bible Baptist Church Hymnal, Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfeesboro Tennesee by Lynnel Jones

the artist’s hand by Marja-Leena Rathje

The Widow Discovers the Secret of Leona Canyon by Lenore Weiss

AKA Annie by Holly Anderson

Rest by Cynthia Cox

The Key of Joy by Caitlin M. Daphtary (music), Zackary Sholem Berger (lyrics), and Rachel Dudley (vocals)

Between Us and the Slow Fall by Susan Elbe

Dance of the Doves by Donna Coffey

“I Heard Their Wings Like the Sound of Many Waters” by Marly Youmans

“One Nation Under Me” by Brent Goodman

affirmation by Carol Beth Icard

Without Ceasing by Rachel Barenblat

The bells done rung by Shann Palmer

Notre Dame interior by Adrian Thompson

You Are Here to Receive This Prophecy by Hannah Stephenson

Calculate by Andrew Bailey

[Every green growing] by Robin Chapman

Cathedral forest by Steve Wing

grandfather on God and Richmond by Joanna Suzanne Lee

Lauds, Summer: An Antiphon by Jeanie Tomasko

Curriculum by Ellen Roberts Young

Inside Pre Rup by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Bandit by Andrea O’Brien

Paint Him Beautiful by Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

Suburban Vespers by Lucia Galloway

Here For You to See by David King

The Book of Infrequent Prayer by Lois Marie Harrod

Worship by Heidi Garnett

Seeds and Stars by William Kelley Woolfitt

Homecoming Sunday by Regina Walton

The Sacred by Monica Raymond

wrestling with god by John Medeiros

About The Box On The Front Step by Rina Terry

You As White Wall by Rose Hunter

Sitting With by Dorothee Lang

Sleep by Catherine Ednie

Confession of Faith by Julie E. Bloemeke

Hypatia by Colleen Abel

The View by Nancy Scott

Where Father And Daughter Are Seekers by Uma Gowrishankar

Confession as Show and Tell by Jill Crammond

Desert Dead by Lois P. Jones

Easter on the Charles by Richard Wile

Shimmer by Kathleen Hellen

Teresian Wells: Grief and Insurrection by Kate Falvey

Worshipping at Woton’s Throne by Gordon Smith

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