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December 19, 2011 Comments off

by Heidi Garnett

Light beginning again in the east,
superstitions of nuthatches and finches,
heartbreak of robins’ eggs.

Tell me about that colour.

Not this mud-light tipped from a rain barrel,
this wet earth knotted into a rope,
loose twist of water,
loose twist of darkness.

No. This other,
this speckled light,
this fawn light born at dawn,
this sun light
peeking under rhubarb leaves
and over fences
and into windows.

Light of the meditative eye
reflective and peaceful,
hinged open.

Blessed wind breaks.
Blessed barn,
blessed animals.

Let Him come.

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Heidi Garnett has been published in a variety of literary magazines. In 2010, she was shortlisted or runner-up for Rattle and the Arvon prize. Her first book, Phosphorus, was published by Thistledown Press.

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