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The Key of Joy

November 11, 2011 4 comments

by Caitlin M. Daphtary (music), Zackary Sholem Berger (lyrics), and Rachel Dudley (vocals)

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Caitie Daphtary is a composer and award-winning amateur chef living in the Boston area. She has come to feel, particularly through her struggle with fibromyalgia, that her life (and all life) is a spiritual exercise, in which the question of “What am I not?” has particular relevance. In accordance, her music has taken a turn toward the simple and devotional — coming into being only when it is asked of her. “The Key of Joy” was composed in this fashion for her life-long friend Rachel Dudley upon her marriage. Currently she is working as a Director of Religious Education within the Unitarian Universalist Church and is just as eager as anyone to discover the next “hat she’ll wear.”

Zackary Sholem Berger (website) is a poet and translator living in Baltimore who writes in Yiddish and English. The words to The Key of Joy were written by Zack as a thank you to Sam Zerin and Rachel Dudley, who supported the publication of his poetry chapbook Not in the Same Breath (a happily conflicted volume which is 1/3 English, 1/3 Yiddish, and 2/3 pretty pictures, and can be purchased here). Caitie wrote the music, and the whole was premiered at Sam and Rachel’s wedding.

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