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Words of Power: Table of Contents

January 16, 2010

Lung Ta (wind words) by Dorothee Lang

Ceremony: the Opening of the Mouth by Alex Cigale

Go My Uncle and Fetch the Bride by Jane Rice

St Joseph of Cupertino. 9/18 by Wendy Vardaman

Cuss Club by Ian Singleton

“Om Sai Ram” A Thousand Times by Patricia Bralley

Dear Brain by Muriel Karr

Maledictus Requiescat by Juleigh Howard Hobson

The Word by Susan Roney-O’Brien

The Rules by Christopher Woods

Kol Nidre by Peg Duthie

Naming the Flowers by Ron Czerwien

Lust in Translation by Bryan Borland

Brink by Anne Morrison Smyth

The Burrowing Song by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Prayers by David Need

Incantation for My Old Friend, Landers by Alex Cigale

Incantations Over Alloys by Kaz Sussman

The Smiling Beaks of Bluebirds by Christi Krug

book of spells by andrew topel

The New Dogma by C. Albert

Learning to Curse by Ann E. Michael

Grandmother Praying by Oriana

From Genesis Rabbah by James Toupin

Going Out to Buy Shoes by Richard Nester

Yoga Center Wall by Steve Wing

The Man Who Spoke the Law by James Brush

An Irish Blessing by M.V. Montgomery

Urban Testimony by Maroula Blades

Divinations by Maureen Alsop

Eski Cami (Old Mosque) by Elizabeth Angell

The Atheist’s Art of Prayer by Caitlin Gildrien

Faggot by Dustin Brookshire

A quick visit to Joaquín’s, and a ceremony by Nathan Horowitz

The Names of the Dead are Floated to Heaven, Gyeongju, South Korea by Robin Susanto

(incantation: ekstatic) by Jeneva Stone

November by cin salach

A Language of One by Allen C. Fischer

ARKEO 4 by Marja-Leena Rathje

The Charmed Life by Susanna Rich

Islam for Americans by Khadija Anderson

Pomegranate by Maya Massar

Unenforceable Promise by Julia Martin

Elements of Force by Karyn Eisler

How I Would Do It by Angela Just

Man Date by Penn Kemp

The Mist in Morning by Barbara LaMorticella

The Butcher’s Wife’s Tale by Colleen McKee

Afterthought by Steve Wing

Tricks by Zoe Polach

He Gives Me My Nahuatl Name by Susan Elbe

I am waiting for the right instant to say your name by Peg Duthie

The Killer Poem by Paul Stevens

Bird Transformation by Harvey E. Parker

The Taut String by Joe Hyam

Looking for an Oracle by Amy MacLennan

Directions’ Introduction by Francis Raven

Letters to My Father by Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld

The Blasphemer by Carrie Ann Baade

Lullaby by Sarah Burke

Toxic Cylinder by Julene Tripp Weaver

For Tom W.—Eyes Only by Linda Umans

The Language of God by Ayesha Saldanha

Bittersweet by Chistina Pacosz

Dream by Anne Morrison Smyth

A Warning by Stuart Barnes

Common Needs by Robin Chapman

A Widow’s Curse by Bev Wigney

Credere by Dick Jones

Emptiness by Catherine Ednie

The Seven Healing Saints by Lucy Kempton

Self-Portrait as Dryad, No. 7 by Marly Youmans

Trance by O Thiam Chin

With Nebuchadrezzar in Jerusalem by William Doreski

Excerpts from Seven Anglian Spells by Andrew McCallum

Silent Messengers: Writing on Stone III by Marja-Leena Rathje

Personnage by Holly Anderson

Abracadabra by Joseph Harker

No Place Like Home: Kansas 1965 by Pamela Johnson Parker

Cruickshank’s Farewell by Irene Brown

Angra Mainyu by Harvey E. Parker

The Curses by Monica Raymond

Voices from the Porch by Catherine Ednie

How Time Does Things With Words by James Toupin

On Signing Your Power of Attorney by Nancy Lazar

Road Sign by Steve Wing

Swear by O Thiam Chin

Three by Stuart Barnes

Raise the Lord: To Witnesses in My Driveway Praying on my Rebirth by Susanna Rich

The Slovenian Grandmother… by Holly Anderson

sea litany by Catherine Ednie

Performance by Anne Morrison Smyth

Escalation (Use Only as Directed) by Adam Ford

Charge to the Jury by Monica Raymond

A Tree for Ezekiel by Marly Youmans

Mal by Dick Jones

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  1. January 24, 2010 at 10:57 am

    The table of contents is a great idea — I’m so glad you’re instituting this!

  1. January 22, 2010 at 4:34 am
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