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Words of Power: issue summary

January 17, 2010

Come words of power, we said, and fill our inboxes. Come curses and spells, charms and prayers, come incantations, imprecations, castigations, come. Let mantras and holy scripture ladder us down where the bright ore of symbolic language first glittered in the light of a caveman’s torch. Let oaths bleed into legal instruments; let the party of the first part depart. Who has ears to hear, listen the fuck up.

Let words precise as snow crystals give birth to a wild meltwater roar: blessings, namings, signs and rules, writs and contracts. Come words of angry widows, cheating wives, absent fathers, forgotten sons; words to bind us and release us, words that label and ensnare. Come, longed-for words and those remembered, words that enlarged us, diminished, words thundering into life or struggling out of silence.

Let tongues burn with the fire of prophets and bellies knot with the solemn pronouncements of law.

Come, words of power: be recited — or go unsaid.

Let the cloroform of text still your shivery wings.

Beth Adams and Dave Bonta, issue editors

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