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Voice from the Porch

December 31, 2009

by Catherine Ednie

Open your mouth! I implore you. Don’t just sit there with your face melting, tragic over trash and the cold wind.

Make a shape. Any shape. A sound. You’ll feel better. More possible. More like tomorrow than today.

Wake up, honorary roadkill! There’s still time. Name your comforts: dark rooms, standing up, Wanda, oranges and almonds.

Sweet, sweeet, sweet, sweet, sweeet, sweet the distance. Remember, the distance is sweet. Memories are dusty, but plush, lush, but cold. Cold and sweet as ice.

Wrapped in ice, I am telling you this. This is me, the one from the porch.

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Catherine Ednie (louder) works as a systems analyst in the New York metropolitan area. Her work appears in In Pieces: An Anthology of Fragmentary Literature (Impassio Press), and in various locations online.

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  1. January 2, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Good words with which to greet the New Year. The sweet bite of crisp winds and sharp memories from my porch to yours.

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