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Unenforceable Promise

November 9, 2009

by Julia Martin

The party of the first part
to this most personal service contract —

Scratch that clause
on successors and assigns

Our vow to love forever?
Void ab initio
per the statute of frauds

Not to impugn or imply
a deceptive intent

The existence of mutual mistake
— a flaw in formation —
is not material

yet loop-de-loops
through my head

A closed track clacks and shuttles
an infinitely regressive plea
v. renvoi

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Julia Martin is a lapsed lawyer who now battles the apocalypse by bringing new books and pleasure reading to low-income children in the Chicago area. She blogs at Clumps and Voids.

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  1. November 9, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Oh! Wonderful.

    Scratch that clause
    on successors and assigns

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