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Health: Table of Contents

April 28, 2010

On the Scree by David Trame

The Ground Left Me by Brent Goodman

In the Middle of the Night by Pat Daneman

Mt. Nebo, Arkansas, late August by Brent Fisk

At the Hour of Your Death by Karen Stromberg

Passing by Richard Jordan

Flight by Robin Chapman

Aliens Among the Brittle Stars by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

Scales by Ron Czerwien

Devour by Arlene Ang

Still Life by Dick Jones

Some Beauty Needs a Dimness by Diane Wakoski

Bloom by Tori Ellison

An Inside View of the Patient by Delbert R. Gardner

Girls on the Slide by Sarah Busse

Revelation by Harriet Brown

Peaked by Lisa Alden

Sharps (remix) by Stu Hatton

Panic by Wendy Vardaman

Case Study by Heather Reid

Loving My Daughter in the Mountains by Marjorie Saiser

Which came first, health or feeling good? by Steve Wing

What is Health? by Monica Raymond

What the Horoscope Says by Rodney Wood

Homeopathy for the Nation by Joseph Harker

On Suzanne by Holly Anderson

I Should Mention Love by Brent Goodman

Visions of a Healthy Planet by James Brush

The Old Man and the Kayak by Steve Meador

Lithia Springs by Steve Meador

there by Peter Schwartz

In/organic Transmissions by Patricia McInroy

Materia Medica by Heidi Hart

La Virgen de la Candelaria by Lisken Van Pelt Dus

Healing Buddha by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

Gloriosa by Heidi Hart

Sarcoma by Marilyn L. Taylor

The Dog as Healer, the Snake as Cure by Jeffery Beam

Body by Rachel Barenblat

Between by Thomas Ferrella

Hospital at Night by Una Nichols Hynum

After James Tate by Martha Deed

Advice from the Robot Scientist’s Daughter by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Psych Ward by Dorianne Laux

Diogenes Syndrome by Maureen Jivani

Here’s To My Legs by Marjorie Saiser

Thick Socks by Sara Parrell

Salamba Sirsasana 1 — Headstand by Robbi Nester

Breathing by Brent Goodman

Visiting the Burn Unit by Lisken Van Pelt Dus

Systems by Colleen Coyne

Ice Babies II by Aine Scannell

Still, Life by Catherine Jagoe

Jitters by Robin Chapman

Relics by Sherry Chandler

Cold Blood by Lynnel Jones

Prairie Potholes by Sara Parrell

Recovery by Brent Fisk

Transport by Monica Raymond

X-Dress by Tori Ellison

Medicine Poem for Holly by Alison Townsend

Ash by Lisken Van Pelt Dus

The Swing by Richard Jordan

Perspectives on the Geographical Cure by Dan Lear

Hole in Me by Aine Scannell

Gloves & Dark Glasses by Diane Wakoski

The Breath of Life by Jeff Klooger

Beluga Spiral by Joy Harjo

Psalm by Catherine Jagoe


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