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March 2, 2010

by Peter Schwartz

the trenches are glowing
and it’s there that you’ll find your
most indigenous mountains

your fauna and fixtures
your dry salvation, there you’ll
learn movement doesn’t

need punctuation, there you’ll
give up that precious separate
the catalog of wrongs

you carry like a scarecrow
everywhere you go, there
you’ll see how the heat

of every possible sequel
burns into the ozone with
or without you, there

you’ll learn that
truth is only truth
by residue

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Peter Schwartz (website) has more styles than a Natal Midlands Dwarf Chameleon. He’s been published on such sites as: Arsenic Lobster, Mannequin Envy, Opium Magazine, 42 Opus, 5 Trope and Verdad, and such print journals as: Asheville Poetry Review, Knock, Neon and VOX. His third chapbook ghost diet is forthcoming with Altered Crow Press.

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