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Homeopathy for the Nation

February 22, 2010

by Joseph Harker

Drops of foxglove and fish oil in the water supply.
A diet of artichoke and split garlic to keep the roadways clean,
and cups of jasmine green tea for conservation.

Zazen every morning for freedom from technological distraction,
and valerian to soothe the sensationalized brain. Plenty of
St. John’s Wort for the unemployment rate,
with a deep-tissue massage of the inner cities.
Tinctured rhino horn defusing the manias of the street.
Acupuncture needles at state-capital pressure points, smoldering
smudge stick of white sage against the corruption of officials.

Yarrow to detox the sluggish rivers of waste that run
the continental length and breadth of the body, but feverfew
and fresh ginger for the stagnation of industry.
Ginseng for the symptomatic economy.
Sweet sagewort to counter the pulse of that executive greed.

Chinese cinnamon to crack the glass ceiling of sexism,
yohimbe wine to blur the lines of hate, and a bit of skin color
blindness with fresh-squeezed juice of celandine.
Quartz crystal on the throat to cleanse tarnished historical karma.
Sagebrush to always be reminded of how we came
across those oceans, with star anise charms for luck.

Cold chamomile tea for systemic anxiety.
Artemisia the reawakening of a new and different Dream.
Comfrey and wolfberry to knit all the pieces
back together.

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Joseph Harker is the pseudonym of a foolish twentysomething, lately located on the East Coast of the US. He dreams more than he ought to, scribbles less than he wants to, and is a textbook Libra in just about every way. If you’d like to bother him, it’s best to visit his online demesne at naming constellations (but do mind your step).

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  1. Maureen Jivani
    February 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Inventive, clever, exact: I love it!

  2. Karen Stromberg
    February 22, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I could make a shopping list from this wonderful poem and thanks for the word “demesne.”

  3. March 1, 2010 at 8:58 am

    I love reading the names of all those homeopathic cures; they’re so evocative. This is a really great read.

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