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Imitation: Table of Contents

June 7, 2012

In the Middle of the Bench by Joe Zealberg

Pyrenees 1996 by Maude Larke

Lucasta Responds to Richard by Janet McCann

Imitation Self by Natalie d’Arbeloff

from Collected Poems by Stuart Barnes

The Love Song of J. Alfred Proofreader by Donna Levine Gershon

The Hive: A Parody by Robbi Nester

not a Bukowski poem by Jim Murdoch

Final Notations: Extramarital by Marilyn Annucci

One More: After Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” by Pamela Johnson Parker

Alone with a Toad by Corinne Manning

Tell Them by Lauren Banka

Hopperesque by Jean Morris

Paris by Lois P. Jones

Ginsberg, Like You, I Feel the Pull by Julene Tripp Weaver

JUBILATE PUERIS (Christopher Smart gratias) by Ann E. Michael

Olé by Judith Terzi

My Floater by Violet Nesdoly

Homage to Weston by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

pale imitation by Anna Dickie

Fall by Mike Puican

Pencil & Sand Dance by Kate Marchetto

Channeling Gertrude by Tom Konyves

Canalettoesque by Jean Morris

A Philippic by Susan Gubernat

You Are by Lia Brooks

Virginia Roots by Eric M. R. Webb

Still Life by Jeff Fearnside

You Bring Out the Punjabi In Me by Preeti Kaur

Anti-Midas by J.D. Smith

Identity Crisis by Steve Wing

Odes of Opposition by Lisa McCool-Grime and Nancy Flynn

The Lyric Angel by Robin Davidson

A Shaking Spear by Louie Crew

Sound Catcher by Karen Stromberg

Lace by Carol Dorf

New York Bridges by Joseph Harker

Meditation at the Metering Lights on the Bay Bridge by Susan Gubernat

Egghead by Jill Klein

False at First Light by Kerry Harwin

Homage to Victor Vasarely by Steve Wing

Not an Ode to Oppen by Cecilia Pinto

Bring Your Own Water by Marty McConnell

Two Poems After Hesiod by Brett Foster

Old Torso at the City Museum by Paul Dickey

Father at Night by Barbara G.S. Hagerty

The Fugitive Light by Marly Youmans

Keeping Things Real by Zackary Sholem Berger

Keats in America; Ode to Wilderness by Alex Cigale

Eating and Other Disorders by Lucia Galloway

In the Heart of “In the Heart of the Heart of the Country” — A Tribute to William Gass by Theresa Williams

Chigger Boom and the Night the Devil Broke Loose by Tom Sheehan

Blazon by Barbara G.S. Hagerty

I Smell Buffalo in Cambodia by Adam Aitken

Wordsworth Trilogy by Denise Provost

Reading Billy Collins in the Bath by Hugh McMillan

I, the Reviewer by Parmanu

Limits by Nancy Scott

A Hamlet Soliloquy by Dorothy Parker by Carolyn Moore

Art Crime Bulletin by Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch

Cetus by Theodore Worozbyt

After Cycling Near the Lake Inside a Glassed-in Room I Open Su Tung P’o’s “The Terrace in the Snow” by DeWitt Clinton

O great maritime bears by Marie Marshall

A Lesson Learnt by Wendy Burtt

Hors d’Afrique (after Larkin’s Vers de Societé) by Irene Brown

Ezra Pound Reflects on the Los Angeles Riots, 1992 by Patricia L. Scruggs

we know most when we know nothing by Dana Guthrie Martin

Adcock Modulations (Symbolic, Fantastic, Historic, Personal) by Jon Stone

Dulce et Dotcom Est by Chris Clarke

Bigfoot Kept Lumberjack as Love Slave by Lou Amyx

Vermeeresque by Jean Morris

L’image est sur le Mur by Shirley Brewer

Living With Maximus by Kir Jordan

Chases by Theodore Worozbyt

Stop the presses: Death Has Last Word! by Allen Speed

The Brood by Rick Clark

Orphanage by Matt Hetherington

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