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Virginia Roots

March 6, 2012 4 comments

by Eric M. R. Webb

after Lenard D. Moore’s “Postcard to an Ecologist”

Last month,
I read your
postcard –
a snake you killed –
and it made me think

of hiking
in Virginia foothills
as a young cubscout,
of climbing up a ravine
where a root punched out

and how, when I grasped it,
I felt warm and dry skin.
How the snake did not move,
but waited until I climbed by.

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Eric M. R. Webb is an MFA candidate at Old Dominion University, where he also runs the Writers in Community service program and works on the Poetry editorial collective for Barely South Review. He recently published with Thunderclap Magazine in issue 7, and has an interview with Mark Halliday forthcoming in the craft issue of Barely South Review. He posts most of his academic work and other thoughts online at Poetic Idealism.

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