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Imprisonment: Table of Contents

September 16, 2011

Qalqilya by Khadija Anderson

Fist by Karina Borowicz

My Cellies by John Purugganan

Al Capone’s Cell by Don Schroder

The Organ of Corti by Jamie Houghton

Conversation Camp by Peter Wortsman

Sister of All Holy Kitchens by Kate Irving

My Gated Community by Maurice Eidelsberg

Prisoner by Elizabeth Bodien

Effigy by Helen Overell

Get Off My Back, Saugus by Tom Sheehan

Admission Process by Louisa Howerow

How the Other Side… by Stephen Mead

Eleven Times A Loser, he said. by Rina Terry

The Winter I Went to Two Al-Anon Meetings, Realized I Didn’t Have What It Took to Love Your Version of Alcoholic by Nancy Flynn

Joseph Palmer’s Journal by Diane Kendig

Fire Escape by Nancy Devine

Objects of Desire and Their Wrapping by Dorothee Lang

Marielito by Nancy Scott

The Stick by Zackary Sholem Berger

At IGI Airport, New Delhi by June Nandy

Bruised by Glenis Redmond

Sentences and Corrections by James Brush

Guilty by Don Schroder

Neon in a Jar by Susan Elbe

Freedom from Fear by Helen Overell

in a no-win zone by Evie Shockley

Goldfish and water lily under ice by Lucy Kempton

Awaiting Trial by Linda Stewart-Oaten

A Theology of an Autistic Body by Nicole Nicholson

Imprisonment–Her Residence by Nithya Raghavan

Vegetative detention by Steve Wing

We dressed like Muslims by Khadija Anderson

They Say the Spring Breeze Has Come by Nicholas YB Wong

My Memory Palace by Robbi Nester

1950 by Barbara Crooker

The Babinski by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Lock us up forever by Peter Ciccariello

Expelled by Ann Neuser Lederer

Rubber by Karina Borowicz

Coals by Lynnel Jones

Apartments by Rose Hunter

At Home in Hell by Rina Terry

Real Sorry by LeAnne Ray

Petite Morte, a Verse Dance with Captions by Wendy Vardaman

Martin Luther King envelope by Chris Barnett

Lafcadio Hearn Leaving Kobudera by Diane Kendig

If You Want Me by Ruth Foley

Goldfish Blues by Greg Weiss

I Shall Not Kill This Symbol by Karla Linn Merrifield

Prague Prisoner by Bruce Dodson

Irises by Rose Hunter

A Blizzard for Grandma by Lynnel Jones

So Like a Cell by Susan Weaver

My Father’s Grief by Susan Facknitz

A Murder of Crows by Emily Severance

At The Door of No Return by Elizabeth Bodien

Penance by Kristen Solecki

Balloon Boy, Later by Courtney Druz

To Save the Body and the Soul From Death, Damnation by Louisa Howerow

Two collages and a letter from an inmate by Jennifer Myers

life by William Aarnes

Saturnalia by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

I Hear a Bird by Daniel Lear

The First Four Days by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Art from Bangkwang prison by Felix Cheremnykh

Inside Voice by Glenis Redmond

The Capture by Monica Raymond

La Loma: A Mexican Prison Monodrama by Christopher Woods

Rusted Shut by Don Schroder

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