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Lock us up forever

July 26, 2011 2 comments

by Peter Ciccariello

Click on images to see larger versions.

Ciccariello - lock us up forever VI redux
lock us up forever VI redux


Ciccariello - lock us up forever XI redux
lock us up forever XI redux


Ciccariello - lock us up forever XIII redux
lock us up forever XIII redux


Artist’s statement: These digitally rendered images are visual/poetic objects that are modeled in a three-dimensional virtual environment and texture mapped using real-world photographs, found image, and metaphorical allusion. This work is an ongoing, serial experiment creating narrative and poetic form in the visual world. They are multi-disciplinary in the sense that they encompass drawing, painting and sculpture techniques as well as poetic and textual form all in a single digital matrix.


Peter Ciccariello works at the interstices of creative intermedia, where process overlaps and defines form and form becomes the carrier for the birth and evolution of ideas. Inter-disciplinary and cross-genre, Ciccariello is an artist, poet, and photographer working with metaphor and allegorical memes. His work is concerned with the dynamics of language and image in 3-D digital environments. He blogs at Invisible notes, Liminal Spaces, and Hope Street, and has published his images in the book Uncommon Vision.

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