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Imprisonment–Her Residence

July 14, 2011 Comments off

by Nithya Raghavan

Crows caw, let their
  scissor beaks gnash
the air in anger.
She’s in the kitchen,
  living under anklet
spells and the jingle
  of her gold bangles
from her to-be-mother-
Gas stove hisses,
  snarls under the pressure
of the pan, where
  her story has to be
  written under the
ladle’s base, made
  bigger and bigger
into rice pancakes,
  edited with Gingelly
oil. It’s complete.

The fumes need to
  wander between those
black window bars,
  She counts in the
abacus of incarceration.
  Something falls on
the green roof, she
  looks up, her eyes
can move if not
  her body. Crows
have left with
  her story chunks.

The gold bangles
  seem heavy and
loose on her wrists.
  Is it possible to
escape through
this circumference
or is it just
  another fatalistic
game chalked out
  by Saturn imprints
in astrological
  tic-tac-toe boxes?

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Nithya Raghavan is pursuing her third year BBA at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai. Her hobbies are reading and writing. Her poems have been published in, (pen name: Ghost of words), Muse India, Kritya and Asia Writes. She has also published articles for Nxg and The Hindu, letters to the editor in Khaleej Times and Gulf News, and a column in Khaleej Times.

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