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Mutating the Signature — Now In Print!

March 16, 2010 Comments off

mutating the signature coverWe’re delighted to announce the publication of the print edition of “Mutating the Signature,” the Winter 2009 issue of qarrtsiluni, edited by Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore, focusing on collaborative works. In their call for submissions, Dana and Nathan wrote that they wanted “to emphasize the gnarly, brilliant, iterative, process-oriented mess that is the heart of any collaborative artistic endeavor.” As longtime collaborators themselves, they knew what they were talking about!

The issue that resulted was exciting, unique, edgy, and surprising. One of its most fascinating aspects was the inclusion of “process notes” by each team of collaborators which revealed not only the wide range of original inspirations and working methods available to writers and artists in this age of the internet, but the unpredictability of what happens between people both in their work together and in their chemistry.

We hope many qarrtsiluni readers and contributors will want to own a copy, and it’s one of the best ways you can support our ongoing volunteer efforts here. The book, designed and published by Phoenicia Publishing, has a full color cover, 146 pages, and is available for $13.95, either through our online store or at Amazon. Please go to the Phoenicia site for full details and a look inside the book. Thanks!


Phoenicia is a small, independent press in Montreal publishing poetry, prose, photography, and music. Follow their publishing news, including special offers, on Twitter and Facebook.

The striking image on the cover above is “bingo dye calligraphy grid” by Andrew Topel and Jim Leftwich.

Journaling the Apocalypse – print edition

January 12, 2009 16 comments

(Click on the image to view samples from the book)

To commemorate the third anniversary of qarrtsiluni, we’re delighted to announce a printed edition of “Journaling the Apocalypse.” The paperback book is 6 x 9″, 108 pages, with a full-color cover and black-and-white interior. All the posts and images are included, with the exception of the music and video posts that are only available online. The price is $12.95, exclusive of shipping.

You can view the front and back covers as well as a representative sample of inside pages on the ordering website. We’ve also made the book available through — order here.

This first foray into print publishing represents a big step for us. We want to test the viability of offering a print edition, feeling that print still does carry a certain kind of legitimacy in the world of contemporary literature which our writers definitely deserve to have, and we also feel that hard copies of published work could help us increase the journal’s already excellent reputation and broaden its base among critics, reviewers, and some readers and writers as well. If this volume is well-received by you and others, we are also considering an anthology from qarrtsiluni’s first three years, as well as an annual chapbook contest. None of this will affect or distract us from our primary focus, which is our online publishing and web presence.

All proceeds from “Journaling the Apocalypse” will support future projects like these. This is all a labor of love for us, though like any non-profit arts organization we hope someday to have a small income stream that can at least pay a small amount to the artists and writers and guest editors who make the whole qarrtsiluni experiment burst forth into reality. This is our first step in that direction, and we hope you’ll take it with us.

—Beth and Dave

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