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bingo dye calligraphy grid

February 25, 2009

calligraphic painting
(Click on image to see at larger size.)

by Andrew Topel and Jim Leftwich

Process notes

Andrew writes:
Collaboration is an important, vital part of creating for me. Both art and writing are acts of creation usually done in isolation. It can be intimidating to stare at a blank canvas or an empty sheet of paper, seeing nothing but white space. Collaboration allows one to break free from the isolation and generate new ideas. Through collaborative work, the artistic act becomes a process of give-and-take, a dialogue opening up between two or more people, and brings a tremendous amount of heat and surprise to the creative process. It can lead one down new and unexplored neural pathways. I highly recommend that everyone share his/her vision with another/others, and let another’s vision seep into their minds, intertwining and super-congealing brain-cells, then create together and shield your eyes from the potential explosion.

Jim writes:
1 – consensus reality is always collaborative
2 – the construction of meaning is always collaborative
3 – subjectivity is always collaborative

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