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Mutating the Signature — Now In Print!

March 16, 2010

mutating the signature coverWe’re delighted to announce the publication of the print edition of “Mutating the Signature,” the Winter 2009 issue of qarrtsiluni, edited by Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore, focusing on collaborative works. In their call for submissions, Dana and Nathan wrote that they wanted “to emphasize the gnarly, brilliant, iterative, process-oriented mess that is the heart of any collaborative artistic endeavor.” As longtime collaborators themselves, they knew what they were talking about!

The issue that resulted was exciting, unique, edgy, and surprising. One of its most fascinating aspects was the inclusion of “process notes” by each team of collaborators which revealed not only the wide range of original inspirations and working methods available to writers and artists in this age of the internet, but the unpredictability of what happens between people both in their work together and in their chemistry.

We hope many qarrtsiluni readers and contributors will want to own a copy, and it’s one of the best ways you can support our ongoing volunteer efforts here. The book, designed and published by Phoenicia Publishing, has a full color cover, 146 pages, and is available for $13.95, either through our online store or at Amazon. Please go to the Phoenicia site for full details and a look inside the book. Thanks!


Phoenicia is a small, independent press in Montreal publishing poetry, prose, photography, and music. Follow their publishing news, including special offers, on Twitter and Facebook.

The striking image on the cover above is “bingo dye calligraphy grid” by Andrew Topel and Jim Leftwich.

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