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Our new daily podcast

September 3, 2009 Comments off

Qarrtsiluni now has a daily podcast. What this means in practical terms is that, from now on, each audio file we publish will include a brief introduction, with a sentence or two about the author, and you’ll be able to listen and subscribe to all our audio in iTunes. Readings by the authors will still make up the heart of each audio clip, and the Flash players on the website and the download links in the RSS feed will continue to work exactly as before.

Neither Beth nor Dave own iPods, but we think it makes sense to re-focus our energies on a single-track podcast. When we first started podcasting here a year and a half ago, we were a bit too ambitious, rolling all the audio files from each issue into one, massive show. Those were a lot of work to pull together, and we were afraid that for a lot of our readers, they were probably work to listen to as well. It can be difficult to sustain the quality of attention required to really hear poetry for longer than about twenty minutes at a stretch, and though we’d love to publish more fiction and creative nonfiction, the reality is that poetry makes up about 75 percent of what we publish, and that’s not likely to change.

Are single-poem or single-story podcasts too short? Is a daily podcast too frequent? We hope not. We figure if Slate and CNet can have daily podcasts, so can qarrtsiluni. If you use an iPod or other portable digital audio player, check it out and let us know what you think.

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Podcasting the Apocalypse, Part 3

January 12, 2009 2 comments

Download the MP3 (54.9 MB)

Duration: 1 hour
K. Alma Peterson — Befallen
Karl Elder — Angels’ End
Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore — The Juke Box Needle Hovers Over ‘Could We Start Again Please’ from the “Jesus Christ Superstar” Soundtrack
Joe Hyam — The Four Horsemen
Wendy Vardaman — Mother Contemplates the Apocalypse
Howie Good — Everything Simple Becomes Complex
Tammy Ho Lai-ming and Reid Mitchell — Old Professions (reading by Dave)
Alice George — Disaster
Marly Youmans — Thaliad
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld — Epitaph
E.A.P. and Dana Guthrie Martin — Interior Arrangements
Oriana — The Great Fires
Rob A. Mackenzie — Preparations for the Final Hours
Nancy Gandhi — Fighting Words in Hindi Movies (reading by Beth and Dave)
E.A.P. and Dana Guthrie Martin — Revelation of the common man
Terence Kuch — The Different Mosses (reading by Beth)
Tammy Ho Lai-ming and Reid Mitchell — Filial Piety (reading by Beth and Dave)
Monica Raymond — Another for Jim

Podcasting the Apocalypse, Part 2

January 11, 2009 Comments off

Download the MP3 (48.3 MB)

Duration: 53 minutes
Tom Sheehan — Once Upon a Timely Moment
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld — Response to an Invitation
Christina Pacosz — Such Imperfection
Jeffrey Skemp with Bruce Colburn — oceans of straw
Kate Bernadette Benedict — High Water
Julia Martin — Extinction
Thomas P. Levy and Failboat — A Preemptive Elegy
Alice George — The Creature
e. moya — the deepest part
Sarah J. Sloat — Approaching the Nuclear Facility
Lisa Jones — Of Asphalt
Christine Swint — Time Capsule Chronicles
Holly Wehmeyer — Invisible
Norman Ball and Paul Millington — It’s True
Howie Good — Alligator Heart, Part 2
Paul Stevens — England
Karen Stromberg — The Last Man on Earth (reading by Beth)
Carolee D. Sherwood — After the apocalypse, an English tutor considers her own corpse
Jason Erik Lundberg — The Apokalypsis Pentaptych
Alex Cigale — Ravenous vermin in front of velvet ropes
Ray Templeton — At the Last Hotel
Sarah J. Sloat — Tin

Podcasting the Apocalypse, Part 1

January 10, 2009 4 comments

Download the MP3 (46 MB)

Duration: 50 minutes
Beth Adams and Dave Bonta — issue summary
Tom Sheehan — Lest the Last Light Flee Also
Howie Good — Elegy for the Newborn
Rachel D. Shaw — Rust
Arlene Ang — Reasons for the Mass Destruction of Pigeons in Venice
Jeannine Hall Gailey — Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Wray Cummings — black & white
Christina Pacosz — Depth of Field
Kimberly L. Becker — After Greensboro
Lynnel L. Jones — New Year’s Eve, 1913
Ron Mohring — Sleepers
Richard Brown — Driving to Muskogee
Anonymous — Apocalypse Regained (reading by Beth)
Thomas P. Levy and Failboat — Razorwire
Katherine Durham Oldmixon — 2012
Morgan Downie — anaximander
Kelly Madigan Erlandson — Memory as Lighthouse, Memory as Bomb
Edith McKlveen — untitled
C. E. Chaffin — Tectonic Illusion

Qarrtsiluni Podcast #2: Transformation

October 4, 2008 8 comments

Download the podcast (102 MB)

Podcast FeedSubscribe in iTunes

Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes
Start times of selections:
0:55   Jessamyn Smyth and Allan Peterson — issue summary (read by Jessamyn)
1:55   Mario Milosevic — Red Shift
3:15  Barbara Smith — On Not Seeing Inside the Sistine Chapel
4:51  Robin Sontheimer — We Are Astronauts or The Pornography of a Backrub
6:03  Jo Hemmant — Typhoon
7:28  Ann E. Michael — Lot’s Wife
8:10  Pamela Hart — anecdote of air
9:03  Sonia Hendy-Isaac — Tailor
10:06  Angela France — A Fallow Blooming
11:43  Janet McCann — The Young Woman Who is President
13:20  Liz Gallagher — A Breeze in My Hair
14:54  K. Alma Peterson — Transitory Particulates Become I Ching Hexagrams 57 and 59
16:20  Judith Bernal — Touched
17:33  Matthew Hittinger — Uncle Remus Denies the Ethnographer
21:38  Katherine Durham Oldmixon — Hiroshima
23:09  Oriana — St. Joan Speaks to Me
24:18  Christopher Hennessy — Alice in Rehab
25:21  Evan J. Peterson — Clay
27:10  Dana Guthrie Martin — Letter From a Parasitic Head
29:00  Mario Milosevic — Pulling Strings: A Quantum Story Cycle
37:42  Daniel Hales — Microphone
39:11  Zoe Polach — Pandora Opens Schrödinger’s Box
41:47  Katherine Williams — A Poet Takes His Girl Dancing
43:09  Jessica Fox-Wilson — Inside My Glass Coffin
45:08  Lisken Van Pelt Dus — The Latch Once Lifted
46:09  Chris Clarke — Bighorn
52:01  Michael Brant Demaria — Transformation (sample)
53:01  Scott Wiggerman — Berdache
55:18  Richard Garcia — Untitled
57:00  Susan Meyers — Melons
58:57  Penny Harter — Blessing Dream, Santa Fe
1:00:12  Tammy Ho Lai-ming — The Fisherman’s Wife (read by Hanani Cha)
1:01:48  Chris Clarke — Sea Change
1:04:29  Charlotte Mandel — Sandbar
1:06:42  Susannah Lang — Virgin Appears on Highway Viaduct
1:08:14  Nicolette Bethel — Sevenling: Life is a Drying
1:09:13  Caitlin O’Brien — Smoke
1:10:17  K. Alma Peterson — Pressed for Light Her Thinking Eye Decides
1:11:26  Dax Bayard-Murray — Frida Kahlo
1:12:25  Pamela Johnson Parker — Cameo Appearance: Here Carved
1:13:43  Bobbie Lurie — Paradise of Sadness
1:15:45  Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi — Spider
1:17:08  Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld — Gray Cheek
1:19:23  Melinda Wilson — Common Birds and Their Songs
1:20:11  Darcy Bruce — Against Atmosphere
1:23:54  Nicolette Bethel — The Granddaughter Sings Lily Home (1994)
1:25:10  Tom Sheehan — Slow Motion Barn
1:26:37  Richard Garcia — The Three
1:29:24  Moira Richards and Barbara Taylor — Another Day
1:31:48  Clare Grant — Three Beautiful Things
1:32:53  Suzanne Grazyna — Dia de los Muertos (1) (read by Dave)
1:34:21  Monica Raymond — What the Echo Knows
1:35:18  Pamela Johnson Parker — Cameo: Epithaliamion
1:37:16  Matthew Hittinger — Local Lepidoptera Adopt Municipal Pool for Epic Opera Debut
1:40:15  Susan Roney-O’Brien — Lepidoptera
1:41:56  Joe Hyam — The Thought (read by Dave)
1:43:25  Paul Selig — Commencement Speech

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Qarrtsiluni Podcast #1: The Water issue

July 13, 2008 10 comments

Download the podcast (67.7 MB)

This is an experiment. We’re hoping it will be the first of many bi-monthly productions, but that depends largely on what kind of feedback we get (we don’t get statistics on downloads). Will you download and listen to it, on an iPod or otherwise, or listen to it on-site? How could we improve it? General and technical suggestions are equally welcome. Leave comments here, send us an email, or join the discussion at our Facebook page.

Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes
Start times of selections:
1:11   Lucy Kempton & Katherine Durham Oldmixon — issue summary (read by Dave)
3:00   Lana Hectman Ayers — Volume
3:30   Eve Rifkah — born in the year of deluge
5:10   Jessamyn Smyth — Bathe (read by Beth)
6:45   Christina Pacosz — White Heron Wading
7:50   Luisa A. Igloria — What We Ate After Passing the Cape of Eleven Thousand Virgins
9:55   Allan Peterson — Waterspout
10:35   Fiona Robyn — Aldeburgh Beach
11:35   Nancy Gandhi — Lost at Sea
12:40   Diane Gage — Fish Face
13:45   Susan V. Facknitz — Flotsam
14:50   Lisa J. Cihlar — Far From Any Ocean
15:45   David Graham — Ashes to Ashes, Water Over All
17:05   Pia Taavila — Waste
18:05   Ellen Goldstein — The Rain Walkers
18:45   Janet Yung — Watering Hole (read by Dave)
24:10   Tom Sheehan — Korean Echo
25:25   Nathalie Boisard-Beudin — Water that Was
27:50   Penny Harter — Camping in the Drought
28:45   Celia Lisset Alvarez — Restrictions
30:25   Juliet Wilson — Rainy Season (read by Beth)
31:10   Marion McCready — Looking Beyond
32:12   Nicholas Y.B. Wong — Transformer (read by Roger Phang)
33:28   Paul Dickey — Walking on Water
34:50   Scott Wiggerman — Baptism
36:07   Robert McGowan — Ascent (read by Beth)
37:22   W. Joe Hoppe — Crawdad Creek (read by Dave)
38:27   Rebecca Ellis — Everywhere You Look is Luck
39:10   Christi Krug — Water Rites
44:38   Lisken Van Pelt Dus — Self-Portrait as Aquifer
45:30   Tim Lockridge — A Brief Meditation on Movement (read by Beth)
46:37   Robin Davidson — August Garden (read by Beth)
48:36   Brent Goodman — Crank Bait (read by Dave)
49:50   Kelly Madigan Erlandson — Deep Subject
53:53   Michael Milligan — Swimming Lesson (read by Dave)
55:07   Diane Kendig — Sippo Lake (read by Beth)
55:51   Gill McEvoy — Rain Dancers (read by Dave)
56:57   Wanda McCollar — untitled (read by Dave)
57:42   Pamela Johnson Parker — Shuckswich Road (read by Beth)
59:08   Robbi Nester — Picnic at the Big Lady, Quabbin Reservoir
1:00:37   Ed Higgins — Week’s Rain
1:01:25   Lynne Shapiro — Replenish
1:02:15   Lisken Van Pelt Dus — The Lake Isn’t a Life
1:03:20   Monica Raymond — Inside Leviathan
1:04:50   Charlotte Mandel — The Mollusc World
1:06:25   Angela France — Intertidal
1:07:10   Marly Youmans — A May Flower
1:08:35   Gerard Wozek — Merman
1:10:02   Joe Hyam — Dry (read by Dave)
1:11:07   Allan Peterson — That Element
1:11:47   Robin Davidson — April Storm (read by Dave)
1:12:55   closing comments

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