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Podcasting the Apocalypse, Part 2

January 11, 2009

Download the MP3 (48.3 MB)

Duration: 53 minutes
Tom Sheehan — Once Upon a Timely Moment
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld — Response to an Invitation
Christina Pacosz — Such Imperfection
Jeffrey Skemp with Bruce Colburn — oceans of straw
Kate Bernadette Benedict — High Water
Julia Martin — Extinction
Thomas P. Levy and Failboat — A Preemptive Elegy
Alice George — The Creature
e. moya — the deepest part
Sarah J. Sloat — Approaching the Nuclear Facility
Lisa Jones — Of Asphalt
Christine Swint — Time Capsule Chronicles
Holly Wehmeyer — Invisible
Norman Ball and Paul Millington — It’s True
Howie Good — Alligator Heart, Part 2
Paul Stevens — England
Karen Stromberg — The Last Man on Earth (reading by Beth)
Carolee D. Sherwood — After the apocalypse, an English tutor considers her own corpse
Jason Erik Lundberg — The Apokalypsis Pentaptych
Alex Cigale — Ravenous vermin in front of velvet ropes
Ray Templeton — At the Last Hotel
Sarah J. Sloat — Tin

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