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Animals in the City: Table of Contents

June 13, 2013

Ah, the Aardvark: Classifying Chaos in an Urban Zoo by KJ Hannah Greenberg

The Bing by Gordon Gibson

When the Fox Comes to the City by Patricia Fargnoli

Escaped Lab Rat by Eileen Malone

Mice of the London Underground by Robert Peake

On the Wires by Karyn Eisler

Coot in Kentucky by J. Stephen Rhodes

The Cockroaches by Ann E. Michael

A Night in New York by Christina Cook

Coyote Pack Sparks Fears by M. L. Brown

Natural Confrontations by Changming Yuan

When Bears Fall From Trees by Elizabeth Aquino

Opossum by Elizabeth Schultz

Witness by Lissa Kiernan

Among the Orchids by Cher Holt-Fortin

Aphids by Laura Shovan

Crocodile Tears by Akumbu Uche

All-Together Scent by Coco Owen

Pigeons by Marilyn Zelke-Windau

Cat and Pigeons by Monika Andersson

Woodpeckers? by Dennis H. Lee

The Captive Improvises: Channel Six News by Nancy Fletcher Cassell

Massacre in Maguindanao by Jonel Abellanosa

Trick-or-Treat by Erin Murphy

The Butcher Dressing Chickens by Lisa J. Cihlar

Half Past Four on a Lurid August Day by Joseph Harker

How To Explain The Birds That Sing At 3 A.M. by Daniel Hales

The Stag by Patricia L. Scruggs

The Cattle Egret by James Brush

Study in Tawny Brown by Deb Scott

Rattlesnake Bites Man in Walmart Garden Center by Laura Shovan

Wild animals, come to the porch by Rosemary Starace

Co-Evolution by Robin Chapman

Coyote in the Backyard by Frederick Garber

Good Friday Aria by Gail Eisenhart

An Ode by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

the egrets come to Downey by Lorine Parks

Chironomus plumosus by Steve Tomasko

How cats find homes by Phyllis Klein

F/light by Dorothee Lang

Low Rent Urban Housing by Margaret S. Mullins

Aperture by Karen George

You, Cardinal by C. E. Chaffin

Strix Nebulosa by Mari-Lou Rowley

Parakeet by Rafael Miguel Montes

The Order of the Forest by Valerie Loveland

Syntagma by Dawn Nikithser

Nocturne (VI) from the Bed Bug Diaries by Joanie DiMartino

Recognizable Trappings by Katherine Glatter

Wildlife graffiti: Hummingbird in Oaxaca, Mexico by Steve Wing

Skink by Francesca Sasnaitis

Autumn Equinox Creature Song by Uche Ogbuji

Mourning Dove by Louisa Howerow

Via Negativa by J. Stephen Rhodes

The Shepherd by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Surveillance by Ellen Birkett Morris

Squirrels and Injury by Jenny McBride

Putting Up by Christi Krug

Single-Minded by James Burgett

From Here by Maggie Rosen

Wherever There Is Water There Is Wild by Timothy Walsh

Spring, Dripfisted by Sarah Stanton

Wakeful by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

The Hawk by Ronald Pickett

Fox in the Shard by Sarah Burke

On a Beech Branch, Noon by Anna Lena Phillips

Let There Be Water For All by Nicole Holovinsky

Animals by Liz N. Clift

At a Traffic Light by Warren Baker

Playing Chicken by Betsy Packard

Intercession by Kristin Camitta Zimet

Foxes by Tammy Ramsey

Backyard Event (with a chorus for jays and bees) by Rosemary Starace

Urban Biology Bingo by Rosemary Mosco

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