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Strix Nebulosa

May 21, 2013 3 comments

by Mari-Lou Rowley

dancing in the updraft, alleluia spectralem gloriosus dominus
you will not hear it coming, the whoosh of wingspan could be anything
wind, tasers, tinnitus
a phantom call from the creditors

Oh hail Mary full of ghosts give us the blessing before the burn
area spreads full spectrum bruise red purple blue black brown yellow

look into its eyes, see whirlpools in the Styx
slick with sludge, fertilizer runoff
see your eyes in a bad webcam photo
see yourself drowning

as with most noctuam species, male owls are usually smaller
than females

Minerva wants what she wants
a nice temple, vineyard, legions of honour
tall evergreens for her owls
humana lustratio

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Poet, science writer and interdisciplinary adventurer, Mari-Lou Rowley (website) has come between a mother bear and her cub, encountered a timber wolf when alone in the woods, found 36 four-leaf clovers, and has published several collections of poetry, including the just-published Undus Mundus (Anvil Press). She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, near the river—and wild-life thoroughfare.

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