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The Crowd: Table of Contents

December 28, 2010

Hundspiele by Alan Hayes

The King’s Shilling by Clive Birnie

Left Behind by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

Simulation of Bacteria on the Floor After Mopping by Danny Pelletier

House Jumping Place by Brian Pike

A bird makes a crowd flaccid by June Nandy

The Incredible Corpse Dormitory by Donna Vorreyer

Mass by John Vick

View through police lines, anti-Iraq war demonstration by Jonathan Sa’adah

Building Our Houses Closer Together by Hannah Stephenson

(I Wish You To) Move by Gary Dubola Memi

Vegas Meditation by Tina Celio

Postcard from the migration by Steve Wing

In the still forest heard from far away by Alex Cigale

In the Lab by Maureen Jivani

The Sweet Community by Ann E. Michael

The Crowd — a drypoint by Marja-Leena Rathje

Acting Debut at the Roundhouse in London by Nancy Scott

The World Is Ugly and the People Are Sad by Karl Elder

Standing Room Only by Tony Press

Waiting to March by Monica Raymond

Balcony View of a Prairie Dog Colony by Scott Wiggerman

Sparrow’s, Poet’s Deaths by Christine Rhein

The Storm by Mark W. Kidd

Strays by Holly Anderson

No getting away by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Return to the Old Town by Rob Mackenzie

The Student Wars by James Toupin

Nikolaikirche by Dorothee Lang

Keating Road by Janice Pariat

On Seeing “Envy Barn” in the Real Estate Listings by Amy MacLennan

The Minor Leagues by James Brush

The Convert by Eric Burke

One of the Many by Julene Tripp Weaver

On Our Way by Tama Hochbaum

Commute by R.A. Dusenberry

The Suffering of Others by Kristen McHenry

Jesuit students, Évora, Portugal by Steve Wing

Or When the Police Come by Jenna Cardinale

My Brief History of Crowds by Lisken Van Pelt Dus

Gaining vantage point on Ulysses Grant Memorial, Obama Inauguration by Jonathan Sa’adah

Sea of Stars by Dick Jones

Control by John Vick

Nite TV by Caroline Beasley-Baker

Fashionista by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Of Ten or More in a Room by Scott Owens

Moving Koi by Gordon Smith

what holds (us by Daniela Elza

Between the Notes by Wendy Vardaman

Face Recognition Collage by Lucy Kempton

A Mask Called Nothing by Amy Pence

Seating Arrangement by Cathryn Cofell

Flag Woman by Monica Raymond

The Loaves and the Fishes by Karl Elder

Waiting For Bolivar Ferry by Cynthia Cox

Les Sans Papiers 75 by Laura Genz

Sharing the Sea of Surround Sound by Kristin Berkey-Abbott

One Hundred White Pelicans by Robin Chapman

Demolition Derby by Alan Hayes

The Station by Hannah Stephenson

Stonewall by Julene Tripp Weaver

Revolution Day parade, Ticul, Yucatán by Steve Wing

Today my shower came from the heavens by Alex Cigale

Happy Hour by Lynda Fleet Perry

Crowd by Gordon Smith

Niggun for the Hand-Drum by Jane Rice

Seas Between Us by Donna Vorreyer

Crows of Still Creek by Robin Susanto

Night at the Interstate Diner by James Brush

Predicament: Memorial Day by Sarah Busse

Parade by Christopher Woods

Daily Commute, Beijing by Sarah Menkedick

Demonstrators standing on barricades by Jonathan Sa’adah

On the First Day of March Crows Begin To Search by Carol Berg

Black skimmers by Steve Wing

Notes on “Collateral Damage Noted” by Monica Raymond

The Crowd I — a monotype by Marja-Leena Rathje

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