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Les Sans Papiers 75

November 19, 2010

by Laura Genz

November 5th 2008: The Cleaning
November 5th 2008: The Cleaning. 188th day of occupation.
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January 30th 2009: The Revision of the Lists
January 30th 2009: The Revision of the Lists. 274th day of occupation.


September 26th 2009: The Inauguration of the Ministry of the Regularization for All the Undocumented Immigrants
September 26th 2009: The Inauguration of the Ministry of the Regularization for All the Undocumented Immigrants. 513th day of occupation.


March 6th 2010: The National Demonstration
March 6th 2010: The National Demonstration. 674th day of occupation.


May 22nd 2010: “Besson! Are you here?” (Donzère). 751st day of occupation.


Yesterday colonized, today exploited, tomorrow regularized! The Days of the Coordination Sans Papiers 75

From 2 May 2008 to 7 August 2010, claiming residence permits, the isolated “Sans Papiers” (Without Papers) workers of the group CSP75 occuped two buildings in Paris: first the Trade Hall, at rue Charlot, then an unused public building, at rue Baudelique. After their violent eviction conducted by Trade Union CGT on 24 June 2009, they spent three weeks sleeping on the sidewalk outside the Trade Hall and negotiated their departure before starting the new occupation at rue Baudelique, on 17 July 2009. A year later, under pressure of authorities, the CSP75 agreed to voluntarily end this occupation, more than two years long, after being promised that each occupier’s case will be examined and every one have a chance to receive a residence permit. This is how the CSP75 agreed to leave rue Baudelique on 7 August 2010, the 828th and last day of the occupation.

Drawn day after day, more than 300 drawings have related the struggle and everyday life of the “Sans Papiers” occupiers. For two years, the sale of reproductions (all profits going to the CSP 75 support fund) covered the occupation’s rice requirements, rice being the main ingredient of the daily meal provided by CSP 75.

The CSP75’s occupation gathered up to 3000 people together. About 400 got a residence card during these two years. Several thousands still wait. The struggle goes on…

See the full series of drawings on Flickr.


Laura Genz is an artist in Paris, France. She writes: “Dessiner, c’est, de façon furtive et silencieuse, sans invitation, pénétrer un endroit pour y prendre position. Et rencontrer l’autre.” (Drawing is a quiet and furtive way to get into places without any invitation. And meet people.)

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  1. November 19, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Merci, Laura, pour ces dessins remarquables.

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