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New Classics: Table of Contents

August 17, 2010

On the Folly of Not Being James Bond by Leslie Ann Minot

Frankenstein’s Brother by Marc Hudson

Nude with Rash by Anne-Marie Levine

In Nihilo by Ray Templeton

Twilight by Celia Lisset Alvarez

Molly’s Bloom (in Fade) by Maureen Egan

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party by Tama Hochbaum

Ten Discourses After Jalal al-Din Rumi by Alex Cigale

So soft his neck, so distant from the thought of stone by Jee Leong Koh

Egil’s Lament by Ann Fisher-Wirth

Scrambled Shakespeare by Millie Niss

The Beauty by Neila Mezynski

Ishmael’s Concordance by Scott Wiggerman

Arezzo. Casa Petrarch. by Wendy Vardaman

untitled by Gordon Smith

Little black dress— by Aditi Machado

Bone by Betsy Phillips

His Side by LaToya Jordan

Gladiator (Rome, 2009) by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

There’s That Old Chestnut, Again by Luisa A. Igloria

Batman’s Address, or the Theory of Fort Knox by Christopher Hennessy

Sometimes I Miss the Old Jealous Goddesses by Deb Scott

matisse two by bl pawalek

The Lears at Home by Monica Raymond

Wounded Man at War in the Metro Père-Lachaise by Martha Deed

Pay Asclepius a Cock by Eric Burke

Cadillac Gargoyle by Steve Wing

Dream in Five Acts by Karl Elder

Onion by Marin Willitts Jr.

The Monsters Receive Their Briefing on Millennium Park by Donna Vorreyer

Mictlantecuhtli, 2010 by Joaquin Ramon Herrera

The Railway Children by Samuel Prince

Heart’s Desire by Rosemary Starace

Andy Warhol (The Vancouver Art Gallery, 2004) by Daniela Elza

Eating Godzilla by Jason Crane

Palindrome by Isabelle Carbonell

Hideous Progeny by Leslie Ann Minot

Black Heart Wind by Eric Darton

Apophthegm by Henrietta Cullinan

Oracle by Jessica Otto

Coptic Pizzeria by Dorothee Lang

Caught in the Flood by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming and Reid Mitchell

Shakespeare CIX Translated by Andrea Kneeland

In All Your Blinding Glory by Joaquin Ramon Herrera

piobaireachd by Andrew McCallum

the wyndham sisters by bl pawelek

A Study in Setting by Peg Duthie

Male Nude by Anne-Marie Levine

Marina, La Malinche by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

Postcard by Nancy Gott

The Bitter, True Taste of the Human Heart by Alex Cigale

As I stand here folding by Mara Mills

The Cave of Sleep by Kristin Maffei

Roget’s by Sarah J. Sloat

The Business of Creation by Uma Gowrishankar

Salve, Constantia by Dorothee Lang

24 by Barbara Young

Ariadne sends her friend a ball of twine by Leslie Ann Minot

Female Parent by Jeneva Stone

Twice Burned by Ray Sharp

Narcissus by Stuart Barnes

When asked your place or my place, meaning host or guest, by Jee Leong Koh

Moleskin by Mario Milosevic

The World is a Sound: A New Creation Myth by Robbi Nester

Re-Shake by Millie Niss

Oh Basho by Mary Wehner

The Poetess by Wendy Vardaman

The Adam Rose by Clarissa Jakobsons

La Guadalupe de Juan Diego by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

god    is a poet by Daniela Elza

Birth, Labor by Dawn Manning

June Cleaver Considers Divorce, or: Ward, Why is This Ring Slipping Through My Skin? by Jill Crammond Wickham

Zinacantan Woman by Joaquin Ramon Herrera

Dressing, On the Side by Lori A. May

The Constellation of the Water Snake by Maggie Cleveland

The Snake by Martha Deed

Blanche at Rest by Linda Umans

the tunnel by morgan downie

Be Mine by Judith Terzi

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