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The Snake

August 14, 2010

by Martha Deed

to me listen to me
I was out
rolling my abs
dodging the bees
and other bitin’ things
ya know
when out of the weeds
nymphlike apparitions
careless dancing lassies
bore down on me
one stepped on my head
so I bit the kid
for her carelessness
ya know
ruinin’ my sleep
for the next
thousand years
her old man
twangin’ the strings
day and night
and not very well

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Martha Deed (website, blog) is a retired psychologist who makes trouble with poetry inspired by crises and other mishaps around her house on the Erie Canal in North Tonawanda, NY. Recent publications include her chapbooks, The Lost Shoe (publisher’s page, video trailer), 65 x 65 and #9, and an e-book, Intersections, a 20-day journey of the unexpected. Recent poetry publications include: Iowa Review on the Web (with Millie Niss), Unlikelystories.org, Poemeleon, New Verse News, Dudley Review, Helix, The Buffalo News and many others.

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