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The Truth About the World

May 4, 2011

by Jane Rice

Mouth-image of the unborn
unwinds the ball
of wrappings

how old this hankering
this wanting to believe

plural for sky

of silence
in silence

flurry of conjecture

life passing
at the pace
of generations

what lies beneath
carrier of secrets
gazes inward
upon the mask

for now
darkness floats
carried away with itself

on a chain of logic
on the past paid in moons

newborn eyes will widen
newborn lips
trust me

form will grow


to distraction

boundless wave
lost at sea

tranquil mountain
ages the story
of beginning

day waits days
to become.


Silence with a thousand ears

specializes in purple
teats full of milk

the wind goes on singing

outside the houses
it rains and rains

clarity hides
on the shore
of the sky

despite everything
day ripens

you have my word

dream appears
sunrise full of noises.


Looking looks back
recognizes the world

so hungry to learn

work of hope
rewarded with joy

sad music may never stop
but dawn lightens

exhausted gray

just rest
the way the wind
settles without its voice

invisible moon still the moon.


Jane Rice provided this Writer’s statement: “To a certain extent, all poetry attempts to translate the inexpressible. I try to make visible, ascribe meaning and devote myself to the challenge of learning what we can about ourselves.”

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