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Beets and Lint

April 9, 2009 Comments off

Not being able to think how
the beets made her feel
was just as good as the
lint question in her back pocket
that fanned out all the multistriped
buttons falling on her shoes
in the slots where pancakes roll
when the lights turn off
and the springs of the young heels
quiver in the dark

by Stacey Allam and John M. Bennett

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For process notes, see “Jaw Plants.”

Jaw Plants

March 10, 2009 Comments off

Ah jaw ah lamp ah dent
ah plates of braided spaghetti
tongued elbow gleaming
slick spit nestled on the gown you
folded in the shower
that slipped guppies
down its crease
and quipped like skull
reflected off the floor
mobility of all those
wind blown banners
hopping on the porches
and eating up all the plants

John M. Bennett and Stacey Allam

Download the MP3

Process notes

John told us that he and Stacey use the postal service for their collaborations, sending a piece back and forth, each adding usually one line at a time until they both feel it’s done.

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