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“Om Sai Ram” A Thousand Times

September 22, 2009 6 comments

by Patricia Bralley

Om Sai Ram a Thousand Times, by Patricia Bralley
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Over twenty years ago my mother brought from India samples of the sacred ash, vibhuti.

Ash is all that remains after wood is burnt away. And in a similarly manner, God as imperishable Truth is that which remains when all names and forms are dissolved.

Sathya Sai Baba, considered by many to be an incarnation of the divine, is fond of materializing vibhuti for his devotees. This ash is carefully wrapped in small paper packets constructed from sheets of paper upon which devotees have inscribed Om Sai Ram — a thousand times, ten thousand times — in their longing to find God.

This image is of one such packet that has been in my dresser drawer all these years.

While not a follower of Baba, I do regard the vibhuti as something of a modern day miracle not unlike blood appearing on the crucifix or tears from a Madonna.

Here’s a link to my mother’s kitchen where vibhuti is materializing from Sai Baba’s picture.

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Patricia Bralley lives in Atlanta and blogs at Seeing For My Self.

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