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Molly’s Bloom (in Fade)

May 10, 2010 3 comments

by Maureen Egan

He’s been writing some next epic diuretic walkingeatingliquor sexing tome only 10 of 11 and oh no he’s back here for more no not that pacing Odyssean pacing and driving me pounding my bent head aches backed into the chase my feet are wedged quoins killing well wishes at present I’m mad and no out of breath and no no I won’t No.

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Maureen Egan is a recovering technical editor who recently discovered the poetic region of the right side of her brain. Her poetry has been published in Other Voices, Black Box, Blue Skies Poetry, dandelion, The New Orphic Review, and Room, among others. She is continually inspired by the west coast’s wildness and its network of wildly gifted poets, including Daniela Elza, Rob Taylor, and Robin Susanto.

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