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Oh Basho

August 4, 2010 5 comments

by Mary Wehner

Today in the classroom there is
more moon bashing.

Forsake the airy for the real, a smart young teacher says

and the students scratch out all words that end with ache.
Fuck it, one says, I’ll write what I write. Birds clap

at the window — nothing’s more true
than the unforeseen wind.

Tonight in their love-nests the crows will swoon.

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Mary Wehner is the author of …or the opposite, a letterpress chapbook, and three broadsides published by Red Hydra Press. She is published in various journals such as Southern Indiana Review, The Writer Magazine, Red River Review,and Arbor Vita. She is a founding member of The Foot of the Lake Poetry Collective and lives in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

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