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So Now I Return to Myself

September 26, 2012 Comments off

by Karize Michella Uy

Karize Michella Uy, Fragment 3: "It came to me that love / can be pruned / if it does not produce / any fruits."


Karize Michella Uy, Fragment 5: "they thought me a bore / during my silence / all along I was tending / a fire within / but they could not even see / the smoke"


Karize Michella Uy, Postscript - Fragment on Fragments or on Moments: "It is these quick lightnings / of epiphany that make me / want to wait and live / white haired"

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Karize Michella Uy writes, “These fragments were created through the assemblage process: I literally cut up words and phrases from two short stories I had written but have outgrown, and assembled them to form altogether different short pieces. I glued the word cut-outs on blank index cards, which I scanned. I have always thought fragments and moments operate on the same plane, that it is these ‘flashes’ we have come to anticipate, whether in reading and writing, or in life. In this light, I have also included a postscript, a fragment on fragments or on moments.” Three more of Uy’s assemblages have appeared online at The Cabinet.

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