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Twenty-six Minutes

September 14, 2012 1 comment

by Jessa Pearl Tamayo

Eight: twenty-two. I was sitting on a green chair, wire-stitched to prevent further breaking. I was staring; I was not seeing. I was thinking of a rainy evening where on the streets, barefooted, I was running for you. The skies rained blood. I weakened for it was my blood. I blinked and I was seated on a green chair close to breaking. Heart beat fast. Pain was slowly escalating — lower spine to left breast to head. Closing my eyes was instinctual. Tears seemed natural. One glass rose — slow, beautiful. I held it and broke — tragic. I inhaled to exhale. I opened my eyes; I was seeing. Eight: forty-eight.

Download the podcast (reading by Dave Bonta)

Jessa Pearl Tamayo is seventeen and currently treading the scholastic literary path. She blogs in Tagalog and English as Jesa Perl at, and also has a site on Tumblr.

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