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July 23, 2012 2 comments

by Gabrielle D

eternity: a small room with cleverly positioned mirrors

dignity is a drafty coat in this winter farce

Mozart’s meadows, Bach’s caverns

diablo con leche


tender unmaskings

Wagner is a very slowly sinking cruise ship

the fallacy that is triumph

clothed in silence, standing tall in her hell

pacing in circles in the small, dirty cages of their beliefs

love is a chemical betrayal

pyramid heart, with so many nobodies at the bottom and you at the top

the sweetness of abandonment—the space love no longer occupies glows with spiced nerves and undone silkstrings

the vague white noise of a thousand voices / the pierce of a single voice

loss is a temple

you of lips laced with the harmonics of untold kisses

is there a perfume to mask despair?

untoward guests welcome

cocooned smugly in her chaos

kindred dissonances in a tonal wasteland


Gabrielle D was born in 1989, and is a pianist and singer in Seattle. Though music was her first language (and love), she writes regularly, and published a small article in the Glenn Gould Foundation Blog when she was 20 years old.

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