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Ekphrasis 6: Emma Kidd + Nathan Horowitz

March 26, 2007 5 comments

Bobbing whales

by Emma Kidd


the conference

promotional material

the logo of the company
is a cloud
whose constituent particles
are oceans.

day one

in the afternoon
i look out the window
at the ocean
and see dozens of killer whales.
they begin transforming
leaving the water:
giraffes, bison, elephants, wolves,
fur still black/white.
a woman appears in the room with us,
dressed in black and white;
her skin matches theirs.

day two

i have no memory
of day two.

day three

three of us participants
are standing in the surf
turning into orcas.
our bodies grow, the shape changes,
our heads, even our teeth change,
our hands fan out
and the flesh grows together,
our tails grow out
and split into flukes.
the orcas are out there in the water
inviting us in,
egging us on.
now they’re laughing like mad,
because no matter what our skill
in growing fins and tails,
we’re still standing there on our legs.

closing ceremony

were plankton really
singing gregorian chants?

i’ll be back
next year.

by Nathan Horowitz

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Ekphrasis 2: Emma Kidd + Kate Sheckler

March 15, 2007 6 comments

Tranquille coast

by Emma Kidd


The Island

The Island
at the end of all those other islands,
beads strung by bridges
all end at the dangling rosary of . . .
The Island.
Promises of peace,
like prayers un/answered.
Circumscribed, boundaried, trapped
by lapping limitation.
Here Sirens perch, the white powder of lotus
in outstretched palms.

by Kate Sheckler

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