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The New Dogma

October 8, 2009 4 comments

by C. Albert

Thou shalt not beg,
bite, bark incessantly
nor steal biscuits.

Before the Dog Prophecies
there was only ignorance
and fleas.

Follow the righteous
path to the dog park.

Sit and stay,
Roll over,
Do not eat grass.

Praise ye the one Dog

who smites evil
with thy paws,

who giveth bones
to the hungry—


by C. Albert

Download the podcast
(reading/howling by C. Albert with Matthew Casey)

C. Albert lives in Seattle, Washington where she divides creative time between making collage and writing poetry. Publications of her works are upcoming this Fall in Shakespeare’s Monkey Review, Tattoo Highway, and Pirene’s Fountain. Find more of her work at Runaway Moon and Aerial Dreams.

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