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Another Day

September 19, 2008 2 comments

renku sequence

another long day
on the cricket pitch
swatting bush flies

owzat! the youth roused
from his doze on the couch

the psychiatrist listens
opens my past
for the future

sepia snapshots fall
from the family album

a red moon spliced
by naked beech trees
along the driveway

following yon highway
to wherever it leads


a piper piping
her songs so sultry
sirens might sing

in raging optic fibers

who coulda thought
a virus would rule
in the world of love?

still counting the dead
five years on, shock and awe

tender young herbs
flavour the oils
for which we cook our gooses

too hot to handle!
those toddler’s tantrums

Elizabeth Taylor
in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’

steaming matsutake
a feast for the queen

so camply
we parade our pride
and the moonshine stills

a fresh load of turf
and poteen before five


than a thousand fiddlers
on top of everest

we’ve come a long, long way
my body and I

inconvenient truths —
slogans on my breasts
upset the clergy

springtime warms our globe
with showers of acid rain

furry pussy willows
along the river bank

one by one the stars
wink out the Milky Way


by Moira Richards (italicized portions) and Barbara A. Taylor

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