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August 25, 2009 2 comments

Are you able to catch that blackbird’s song?

You know fine well my higher hearing’s gone —
controlled explosions and pneumatic drills.

So I try to tune him first to soaring trills
then see-saw notes of warning as the cat
invisibles his predatory self in under-
growth; how the molasses of his song
meanders nightfall when the threat moves on.

Hey look! A golden eagle way up there!

No chance hawk-eye! Marking jotters till dawn.
You know I’m blinder than a cricket ball.

And with his own precision he gives me sun
on the edge of a wind-span throttled back sweet
to find ungainly land in the lee of morning
while I slit my eyes to hear the young call.

by Anne Connolly

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July 1, 2009 4 comments

In her devices
a straight line
and a yawning sphere
dance out and in
ad infinitum.
This simple coupling
of one with nothing
fills our void
generates a surge
of order and profusion
as vital as the bang
that brought us here.
Through the bipolar
gateways nano-born
computers stride,
bring see, hear,
taste, touch, smell
to new fruition.
Simple logic.
Only two ways
about it.

by Anne Connolly

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