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If I Jump You Jump Remember

September 7, 2012

by Rina Caparras

Penetrating a person
means diving into the open sea.
You’ll swim deeper and deeper,
until you reach a point where the light leaves you;
where you no longer know which way leads to the surface
or to the bottom.
And in the abyss, you will falter,
groping in the darkness for breath and life,
but instead something odd will find its way to you.
Grotesque , violent, starving—
Feeding on your foolishness—
the monster at the bottom of every person’s
kind façade.

Download the podcast (reading by Russel Saliendra)

Rina Caparras graduated with a degree in BFA Creative Writing from the Ateneo de Manila University. Her literary works have appeared or are forthcoming in Philippines Graphic, Asia Writes, Word Riot, and Burning Word. She blogs about food in Yummy Date Night and writes about her life in Geek But Not Dork. During the day, she works as a junior copywriter for a local company.

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