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Message in Morse Code

September 4, 2012

by Beth Enson

How—I didn’t know any
word for it—how “unlikely”
Elizabeth Bishop

Before waking
my body
an immense weight

floats     Lips and tongue vast
fingers mammoth         My will
a speck

diaphanous net of sound
starts to tighten
pings like glass bangles

Rain on the windowpane

the world
why something
why not nothing?

Whispering swish
my father’s razor in the sink
tap tap of metal on porcelain
frenetic tune on the transistor
morning news

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Beth Enson lives in northern New Mexico, where she fundraises for her local Birth Center, homeschools her 14-year old daughter, teaches co-counseling, and is at work on her second book of poems. Her first, A Bee In The Sheets, was published jointly in 2001 by Painted Leaf Press and Groundwater Press. She has work in upcoming issues of Mas Tequila Review, The Urban Resistance, Undertow, UNM Taos’s HOWL, and Epicentre. She’s passionately attached to her mad, visionary, conflicted community.

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