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Snapshots of the Revolution

August 28, 2012

by Brad Fairchild


Washington encounters the fabled Boy-faced Hart outside Valley Forge

Washington encounters the fabled Boy-faced Hart outside Valley Forge
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Mr. Jefferson's Meteor by Brad Fairchild

Mr. Jefferson’s Meteor
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I feel that my love for poetry with its fragments of imagery leads me to be a collector by nature, somehow, and then to place the disparate things I’ve discovered into a box assemblage, or digital collage, in presentation, a sort of hominoid bowerbird posing bits of blue and shiny objects it has gathered within a frame of bundled twigs. I am attracted to lovely, mostly used, distressed, castaway objects and images that I find in thrift stores, on streets, in basements, forests, yard sales, and unexpected places.

The arranged items then take on a new life: splinters of miscellanea come together as a larger, more complete fragment. They take on new meanings through their associations with one another. They suggest stories, names, titles, histories. They form an entry point into a narrative that is then conveyed to the viewer to direct or expand on as their own experiences and imaginations lead them.

Working with these fragments, I am reminded that there is rarely such a thing as The Complete. And that great potential lies in this incompleteness, and great beauty lies in the unknown and untold.

The Small is part of the Large. The Piece is part of the Whole. The Unseen is part of the Beautiful.


Brad Fairchild is an artist and writer living in Atlanta who wants to point out the lonely beauty in broken things. He wants to pay tribute to these inanimate souls by rendering them into something new and accessible to others. He is descended from a pirate, and that is somehow fitting.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 30, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    These “arrangements” are just beautiful…and haunting. Thank you.

    • bradfairchild
      August 31, 2012 at 3:42 pm

      thank you very much for saying so!

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