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Economy issue now in print

July 12, 2010

Economy issue cover
We’re happy to announce the publication of a print version of our Economy issue, edited by Anna Dickie and Pamela Hart.

As the editors wrote in their call for submissions, Economy has its roots in Greek — oikos and nomos — meaning the principles necessary to maintain the household. They called on contributors to go beyond the obvious and “think broadly, associatively and imaginatively about this touchstone word.” The result was one of the most consistently high-quality and creative collections qarrtsiluni has ever published. It includes work that explores not only the negative but the positive sides of “economy,” and does so in surprising ways. We’re proud to offer it as a printed edition, and timely commentary on the current state of our inner and outer worlds.

We hope many qarrtsiluni readers and contributors will want to own a copy — it’s one of the best ways you can support our ongoing volunteer efforts here. The book, designed and published by Phoenicia Publishing, has a full-color cover, 96 pages, and is available for $13.95, either through our online store or at Amazon. Please go to the Phoenicia site for full details and a look inside the book. Thanks!


Phoenicia is a small, independent press in Montreal publishing poetry, prose, photography, and music. Follow their publishing news, including special offers, on Facebook.

The image on the cover is “cupboard’s bare,” by Michael Aanji Crowley.

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