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end-time monopoly

January 3, 2009

the razed area is a lengthy walk
from the short line, stretching from

saint charles place to the pennsy station.
we can journey there if you’d like,

tread the circles i have made, rummage
through the piles of scrap. i would caution

you, however, to restrain your hopes: we
will not uncover trinkets of value, or discover

objects my family abandoned. i assure you, i have
searched. a thimble, clothes iron, rumpled boot: such

trivial fragments are all that remain where a row of
slumping houses once leaned upon each other.

every hour the dark trains had grumbled past the
tarnished windows and stoops, gravid with

passengers in top hats: men of fortune, who, although
aware of the imminent approach of the endmost depot,

continued to birth plans for attractive views, sturdy
erections with high returns: the demolition of jagged houses.

by Heather Dearmon

  1. January 4, 2009 at 4:39 am

    You are so prolific. It always amazes me, how you mn\ge so much.

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