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Paradise of Sadness

September 10, 2008

Condemned forever to be forgotten/ to not be chosen/ to be worn down with rejection and suspicions and because the devil kissed me beneath the overcast heavens, I wanted his love and followed him to the Paradise of Sadness where we mourned an endless repetition of our sorrowful stories, like truly confessional poets and I said, friendship is bent on a word; we need marriage vows to make it last — but he was a rapid animal without a human memory to hinder him, a demon with no feet. He did not answer me but flew away.

I could see myself in the grip of vertigo again, friendless in the hospital bed with all the human potions and lotions and remedies which chafe the skin, chafe the heart, force new symptoms to start appearing like bruising angers burning with the flame of derision and the hidden unwanted visions, turning fragmented friendships into enmities for who can deny how we cling to the smallest thing, how hate waits to erupt and explode… our acidity is a pungency and one can choke in a hostel as well as a brothel or a five star hotel. Each black hole which seeks to suck us in we must edit and each memo we make is a partial mistake.

by Bobbi Lurie

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  1. Christina Pacosz
    September 11, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Facing the looming reality of being “friendless in the hospital bed” I found Bobbi Lurie’s prose poem quite compelling. I was glad to read it in my e-mail today.

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