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Early Learning

December 11, 2006 7 comments

I was Primus,

your first shock,
first intellectual,
first seduction by
the power of mind.

Your first big mistake,
first adultery,
first hand-to-hand combat,

I brought us to
your first door slammed
leaving more than
half yourself behind.

by Jean Morris of this too

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July 4, 2006 8 comments

One hot night he fled, crashing the front door behind him. It opened at once and the mad, spiky silhouette of his mother, ashamed to come out in her curlers, yelled: “I hope the bogey man gets you!” He ran the length of their road, maybe a mile. He was nine, small and skinny and no athlete. At the corner he stopped, gasping, and sat for a while on the curb-stone wondering where he could go. Nowhere. So he got up and his body walked back, but his mind never went home. He’s been trying ever since to reunite them.

by Jean Morris of This Too

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