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Dealing With Family and Friends

June 23, 2009 7 comments

When she thought of economy, she thought of social exchange theory — the idea that relationships are based on give and take; our feelings about relationships rest on perceptions of the balance between what we get out of them and what we put in. Usually, she wouldn’t have put her thoughts on paper, but this time she did — as concisely as possible, using the medium of the postcard which embodies economy of words (few) and form (small).

Dealing With Family and Friends
(Click on postcard to see larger version)

The small print, barely legible, made her think of the papers she’d signed that morning — typical legalistic transaction papers that detailed who gave how much for what: 23 Euro for temporary ownership of a compact car, fully insured.

Now for a tobacco shop, to get some stamps. Driving down the bay road, she scanned for the yellow sign, partly wishing she wouldn’t find one. Yet, there it was. Exactly four minutes later it was done — the stamp bought, glued to the card, the card on the way, like her again, and her thoughts. Small print, she concluded, is invisible with family and friends, even though it’s always part of the subtext; unstated and implicit yet ever-present, like a PS suggesting an afterthought of little importance — which, in social exchange, really isn’t.

by Karyn Eisler and Dorothee Lang

Download the MP3 (reading by Karyn)

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Reflective Borders

March 4, 2009 1 comment

(Click on image to view at larger size.)

by Dorothee Lang and Steve Wing

Process notes


Collaboration is the central element of these months: since a good while, I am part of the group writing project 2028, which connects 7 authors from different continents. Steve is also part of this group, and with both of us being contributors to qarrtsiluni, the idea of working together on a submission seemed like an interesting challenge. It was good timing, too: as 2028 is mainly about revisions right now, the ‘merged signature’ theme brought us back to the try-and-explore phase of a collaboration.


After initially working with mixed media, we decided to work purely with images. We each suggested themes with many possible interpretations, settling on ‘reflective’ and ‘borders.’ We each emailed the other some images, then worked with the other’s photos and our own, cropping and combining them to create a collaborative collage. These flew back and forth across the Atlantic as we revised and worked toward a finished version.


That’s how “Reflective Borders” came together. In fact, it’s a double merger – a merging of the two photo themes: ‘reflective’ and ‘borders’, and the combining of digitally rendered photos into a black/white collage.


Working with Doro’s photos was interesting, knowing that each represents not just a view from another continent, but also something she experienced. It was like a secret hidden in the photo. And of course, with my images, I know some of its secrets. Like in Reflective Borders, one of these places no longer exists.


The process had the feeling of an adventure, a journey, and I think this is true also of the finished work.


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Same Road, Different Season

July 16, 2008 5 comments
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