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Pliant de Voyage; Objects of Desire

July 22, 2009 Comments off

After the notebooks of Marcel Duchamp

“The penalty consists
in ‘cutting the pane’,
in feeling regret
just as soon as the
article’s possession
is consummated.”

Many readymades
suggest a body,
parts of the body,
bodily functions,
erotic promise,
stand-ins for body,
consumers seduced
into a purchase.

Sexuality is
like window shopping.
So… endow objects
with human desires:
the leering grin of
the bathroom faucet,
faces everywhere,
the world eroticized.

Design devices
for things personal,
such as teeth, eyes, breath.
Violate aversion.
Live life on credit,
prophecy fulfilled,
certain of future worth,
and free to create.

Frustrate reading.
Upset expectations.

by Alex Cigale

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Ravenous vermin in front of velvet ropes

December 3, 2008 Comments off

Past Cerberus-headed security men
VIP admission seduction-guaranteed
among stuffed couches and cavernous lounges

A studied glimpse at a closed circle of hell
where man eats man till there is nothing left
cold-blooded lizards repose in the limelight

Surrounded by mysterious pieces of detritus
a patchwork of brick and textured plaster
the bodies gouged and the skin punctured

Strutting for the paparazzi then slinking
scurrying away here an African fetish
there the head of a doge in alabaster

Flaking Formica tabletops displayed
as splattered paintings their wild beauty
of outright decay and its cousin accident

Time’s ability to turn anything into art
whether man-made or genuine and natural
the posed the candid stillborn and mundane

The great confusion of life imitating life
a skull covered jewel-like with scarabs
that holds a dead rat in its gapping mouth

But grimmest of all were the star’s handlers
there being no such thing as bad publicity
in the line between fame and misfortune

What I liked best is it got us fucked up
we partied so hard we woke up the dead
it was the final blackout of the year

by Alex Cigale

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