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Three short pieces

August 21, 2006 6 comments


Long dangling earrings in the shape of thoughts falling out of her head.



No doubt about it, the older I get the less jumping I do. Lucky grasshopper is short-lived.


Octopus of wings

Lots of flapping,
but no grasp.

by Catherine Ednie of louder

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Morning Light

August 19, 2006 12 comments

Light hooks the soft edge of things, holds them in the moment. Light lifts the cover off the sky. A sun dog stands straight up in the southeast: a lovely pillar. There is another pillar to the other side of the sun, making a matched set. The wind blowing hard to the east cannot blow away the morning’s color.

When the world rages, rage back your love for the world, I tell myself. Out-shout God.

by Tom Montag of The Middlewesterner

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Silent Movie

August 17, 2006 5 comments
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August 15, 2006 17 comments

Straight talking,
that was what
was needed, so
you said. And

you smiled a thin
and final line,
and you turned,
as they say,

on your heel,
on a sixpence,
and you strode,
straight-limbed, along

the coastal path,
direct, unswerving,
to the jetty, walked
its slick rectangle

to where the ferry
rode at anchor.
Just in time:
the straining lines

released, the anchor
hauled, the ferry
drove a silver
track, straight as

a rail, towards
a flat horizon. And,
as I watched
unmoving, you

slipped at last
around the slow
unyielding curve
of the world.

by Dick Jones of Patteran Pages

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August 14, 2006 3 comments
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August 13, 2006 9 comments

The children sing songs of times long gone
and they play games of forgotten wars.

The sea cannot be seen from here.
The colors are broken, made of wood,

the children use them as white weapons
sharpened like pencils, daggers to survive.

Listen to the breeze, far out, elsewhere,
where green boats patiently await the end.

The sea cannot be seen from here.
It exists only in the minds of children,

small drawings of unreal landscapes,
the sky a color not included in this case.

Their small hands draw conclusions in gray,
the paper assumes the depth of clouds.

by Ernesto Priego of Never Neutral

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August 12, 2006 11 comments
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