Animals in the City
April-June 2013
Editors: Sherry Chandler and David Cazden

July-October 2012
Editors: Olivia Dresher and Catherine Ednie

January-June 2012
Editors: Siona van Dijk and Dave Bonta

October 2011-January 2012
Editors: Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita Thompson

2011 chapbook contest finalists
September 2011
Final judge: Luisa A. Igloria

June-September 2011
Editors: Ken Lamberton and Ann E. Michael

January-April 2011
Editors: Nick Admussen, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Alex Cigale and Ayesha Saldanha

The Crowd
September-December 2010
Editors: Beth Adams and Dave Bonta

2010 chapbook contest finalists
August 2010
Final judge: Ken Lamberton

New Classics
May-August 2010
Editors: Ann E. Michael and Jessamyn Smyth

January-April 2010
Editors: Susan Elbe and Kelly Madigan Erlandson

Words of Power
September 2009-January 2010
Editors: Beth Adams and Dave Bonta

2009 chapbook contest finalists
September 2009
Final judge: Dinty Moore

June-August 2009
Editors: Anna Dickie and Pamela Hart

Mutating the Signature
January-April 2009
Editors: Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore

Journaling the Apocalypse
October-December 2008
Editors: Beth Adams and Dave Bonta

July-September 2008
Editors: Allan Peterson and Jessamyn Smyth

May-June 2008
Editors: Lucy Kempton and Katherine Durham Oldmixon

Nature in the Cracks
March-April 2008
Editors: Brent Goodman and Ken Lamberton

Hidden Messages
January-February 2008
Editors: Dana Guthrie Martin and Carey Wallace

November-December 2007
Editors: Ivy Alvarez and Marly Youmans

Making Sense
September-October 2007
Editors: Katherine Abbott and Rob Mackenzie

Greatest Blog Hits
May-June 2007
Editors: Dave Bonta and Peter Stephens

March-April 2007
Editors: Lori Witzel and Alison Kent

Come Outside
January-February 2007
Editor: Fiona Robyn

First Time
November-December 2006
Editors: Kasturi Mattern and Tom Montag

September-October 2006
Editors: Beth Adams and Dave Bonta

Short Shorts
July-August 2006
Editors: Beth Adams and Dave Bonta

An Opening in the Body
April-June 2006
Editors: Rachel Barenblat and Teju Cole

Lies and Hiding
February-March 2006
Editors: Rachel Rawlins and Dale Favier

Finding Home
December 2005-January 2006
Editors: Lorianne DiSabato and Tom Montag

Science as Poetry
November-December 2005
Editors: Maria Benet and Alison Kent

Change and Continuity
October 2005
Editors: Beth Adams, Dave Bonta and Kurt Brobeck

Waiting for Something to Burst
September 2005
Editors: Beth Adams, Dave Bonta and Whiskey River

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